NYSA Groups Protest for Jobs and Needed Services at Gov.'s State of the State

Outside Gov. Cuomo's Speech, New Yorkers Offered "New Year's Resolutions" that would Create Jobs and Raise Revenues
NEW YORK, NY (01/06/2011)-- On January 5, at the state capitol's convention center in Albany, 35 individuals and VOCAL Members Say NY Needs Jobs--Make Wall St Payorganizations from around the state gathered to offer Governor Andrew Cuomo "New Year's Resolutions" that would bring reinvestment into communities, would create jobs for the unemployed and underemployed, and would offer ways to get the economy back on track.
Donning New Years Eve party attire, they pushed the Governor to raise new and badly-needed revenues for the state by extending the existing tax on the richest New Yorkers that is set to expire. If it expires, demonstrators said, the state will lose $1 billion in revenues this year and another $4 billion next year.
"We can't afford to pay for tax cuts for the rich by shutting down hospitals and eliminating social services, but that's what letting the fair share tax expire would do," said Robert Tolbert, a leader in VOCAL New York, formerly known as the NYC AIDS Housing Network (NYCAHN), a statewide organization.
The protesters said the Governor needs to help New Yorkers get back to work by creating jobs immediately and fighting for communities and small businesses, not just Fortune 500 companies.
"Wall Street caused the financial crisis and needs to help fix it," Tolbert said. "Balancing the budget on the backs of working and disabled New Yorkers while giving a free pass to Wall Street Banks will just make our state's economy worse. We can't cut our way out of this crisis - Albany should be asking everyone pay their fair share."
Another demonstrator, Rodney Rainey, from the Western New York group People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH), discussed the models they are using to create quality jobs.
"We're building a green economy in Buffalo that creates employment opportunities for real people through neighborhood investment and green jobs pathways," Rainey proclaimed.
"Over the past year, I've been trained and employed by PUSH in green construction along with other youth," said Rainey, before turning his sights once again on the new governor. "Now we're asking the incoming Governor to multiply these efforts to create quality jobs that can be filled by another million New Yorkers in need of employment."
The Resolutions offered by the groups and individuals for Governor Cuomo to adopt included:
1. Halve the Unemployment Rate by 2012.
2. Exercise More Often.
3. Reinvest in Communities & Improve Quality of Life.
4. Provide Job Training for Out of Work New Yorkers.
5. Eat Healthier.
6. Strengthen the Safety Net for the Vulnerable.
7. Provide Support for Public Goods We All Rely On.

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NOAH, PUSH and VOICE Gain Commitments for WNY

On October 14, more than 500 members of NOAH, PUSH-Buffalo, and VOICE packed Holy Cross Catholic Church on Buffalo's Lower West Side to demand their public officials stand up for the changes needed in their communities.

Accomplishments of the meeting included:

1) Commitment of Erie County Executive's Office to appoint a VOICE and NOAH leader to Niagara Erie Regional Coalition (NERC) Board - the body that enacts the framework for regional growth.

2) Commitment to meet with Family Service Commissioner Carol Dankert in regards to appointing a person from the administration to the Women and Children's Task Force to prioritize Day Care Funding.

3) Smart Growth Bill signed by the Governor.

4) Elimination of Fare Zones on Public Transit.

5) Public Commitment from Senator Antoine Thompson to encourage Public Service Commission Chairman Garry Brown to hold a Public Forum on reforming National Fuel's conservation program.

6) Delivered over 300 signed public comments to the Public Service Commission asking that National Fuel's conservation initiative be reformed, and that a Public Hearing be held in Buffalo.

7) United over 20 Community Groups and over 100 community members around PUSH's National Fuel Campaign and rallied and marched to the Public Meeting.

8) Commitment from Mayor Paul Dyster from Niagara County to hold a joint meeting with NOAH and craft a local hiring agreement for development projects in Niagara Falls.  The Mayor will bring the developer to the table and create jobs for community residents of Niagara Falls.


Some of the press coverage:

- PUSH Buffalo's National Fuel Campaign Continues

- Groups meet to review collective effort

- Good Morning, Buffalo

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Time for another WPA?

NYSA member PUSH-Buffalo was featured in article on October 18 that outlined the many ways the New Deal's Works Progress Administration positively impacted the Buffalo region.  PUSH director Aaron Bartley reminded Buffalo News readers that, "What the '30s show us is that often times the most pressing human needs are best met in times of crisis."
You can read the article right here.

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