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About New York Stimulus Alliance

The NY Stimulus Alliance is a coalition of community organizing groups and researchers who have teamed up to fight for an economic recovery that lifts up all New Yorkers, especially in communities of color and distressed areas.  The member organizations are:

Researchers and policy advocates include the Center for Social Inclusion, The Opportunity Agenda, Kirwan Institute, and Advancement Project.



The federal stimulus package provides an opportunity for New York State to re-build its economy in a way that is more equal, more transparent and more accountable for all of its communities.  Public investments -- from education, transportation, and housing, to hospitals, public assistance, and workforce development -- play a critical role in our society, particularly in those communities and metro regions in which our organizations operate.

We Promote and Call for:


- Benefits of stimulus funding must target communities and populations historically excluded, such as low-income communities, communities of color, public assistance recipients and public housing residents, the homeless, immigrants, and New Yorkers with HIV/AIDS.  By investing in communities first and worst hit by crisis, we strengthen our economy for everyone.
- Quality jobs must be made available to all communities and populations.  Quality jobs offering fair wages, ample hours, and comprehensive benefits, such as health care, paid, leave, and worker-friendly practices, must be made equally available to all New Yorkers.

Community Participation

- Communities must have opportunities for meaningful decision-making and oversight. The state should broaden new opportunities for public participation through new and expanded public comment and hearing requirements, and create decision-making and oversight boards with grassroots community representation.

- Information about stimulus programs and projects must be made available for public review.  This information should include race, gender, foreign born status, income information, and residency zip codes of job recipients and program beneficiaries.
- Effectiveness of programs should be monitored in order to prioritize those benefiting historically excluded communities.  Thorough and regular reviews of program effectiveness should be made publicly available and include specific recommendations for how to expand reach in communities that have lacked public and private investment.
- Detailed reporting must be made available on the State's progress of its stimulus policy goals.

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